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Strategies For Using Backspin

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Let us start out by saying any shot that isn’t performed using a straight on centered approach could be not easy to master, plus hard to control.  A shot that is made by aiming at any position other than the middle of the cue, can cause the cue ball to generally be projected with a spin on it.  Having backspin on your shot causes the cue ball to draw away from the object ball and return in your direction upon contacting the object ball.  It is generally performed by striking the cue ball below center. This may be a difficult shot to master because hitting the cue ball below center normally results in a “miscue” mainly for beginner players.  The majority of players will “jump” the ball until they excel at this technique. Some could even launch the cue ball far off of the pool tables when practicing.

The length the cue ball will have to travel before impact with the object ball serves as a major consideration whenever using backspin. Another factor may be the kind of fabric on the table. Smoother cloths will have less friction hence allowing the cue ball far more momentum to draw back compared with a rougher style of fabric were friction will restrict the momentum of the cue ball considerably more.  A lot of more expensive tables are constructed with a smoother cloth, thus enabling players to make use of backspin and English proficiently.  

As the space in between your object ball and the cue ball gets larger, you must simply put more backspin on the cue ball  As revealed above, the cloth on the table surface might cause friction and lower the speed of the balls and as a consequence, reduce the backspin. Here is where the complexity of the back spin becomes a factor. Many players find it problematic to draw the cue ball at lengthy distances mostly because there is not enough back spin on the cue ball.

Backspin is a wonderful tool to perfect when learning your techniques as a newer player.  You will find this method advantageous in numerous situations and it could boost up your over-all game.  The primary usage of backspin is usually to avoid scratching when in most cases the cue would continue on a shot.  Placing backspin on your ball will allow you to make the shot and remain in control over the game.  It will permit you to “set up” the following shot by using a better angle than if you were to make a follow through shot.  Quite a few players apply backspin to their shots to create a good lay of the ball in preparation for their next shot.