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Increase the appeal of your premises with office plants

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Today most companies are very careful  about how their premises look and feel to both staff and customers. They spend large amounts  of money making sure the exteriors  of their properties look fantastic and welcoming and now more and more businesses are realising that their interiors need the same care and attending. There is the famous  saying ’you never get another chance to make a first impression’ and this is as applicable  today as it always has been.  As modern businesses become more and more mindful of the need for their interiors to look good they have found that office plants are a key element in ensuring that the look is complete and aesthetic to the eye. 

When you hire office plants from a pro office plant provider you are not only making your office look aesthetically pleasing  you are creating a unequalled design that complements your companies image and upgrades well being and ease from those that visit your building. Not only will this help promote your companies image but will make your office premises stand out and charm to old and new customers alike. These office plants can have a positive effect on the mood of staff and customers and helps them feel more at ease and positive. 

In addition to a modern, well cared for, successful look plants can help with the air quality within your offices. Indoor air pollution and low humidity are a problem in modern air conditioned buildings and are considered a threat to public wellness. Offices have toxic fumes everywhere from plastics, furniture, carpets, computers etc and exposure to these toxins on a regular basis can cause poor health or poor concentration.  Indoor office plants help get rid of the toxins naturally and will add humidity back into the office air making things altogether more comfortable. 

For many businesses the main concern about utilising indoor plants within their designs is that if they are badly kept or neglected they can become scruffy and unappealing. It is therefore vital to use a company that can advise on the best plants to use in your particular office and that will carry out office plant maintenance topreserve them to make sure they are looking their best at all times. Real live office plants like any living thing require care and attention in order to survive and boom and our interior plant business will take care of that for you. 

Prices can be astonishingly low and to have a fully trained plant technician to visit your offices every couple of weeks can cost much less than you would think. They will feed water and look after the plants and if any do have foliage that doesn’t look its best the technician will trim it and take it away from your premises. You will also have peace of mind  that  we offer a replacement guarantee so if any plant becomes sick or dies we will replace it immediately  with a new plant  . All company staff  visiting your offices will be in our companies branded uniforms with company vehicles so as to look professional at all times when dealing with our clients .