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How To Get Started With A Video Game Tester Career

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

There are plenty of video gaming companies in the world designing a whole lot of video games every year,and the need for video game tester is ever increasing that there is huge job prospect for this career.,Since there are large openings in this job post the job of a video game tester has opened new grounds for a great career opportunity.,Since the number of video game production companies have increased the need for video game testers have shot up high.

By entering the profession of a video game tester,you can later get higher opportunities in game designing and programming jobs.,The work of a video game tester involves testing the game by playing it,go through the various controls and identify errors or abnormalities that are faced while playing.

A great platform to try setting up your career as a video game tester is the internet,and a number of jobs are listed under the category of video game tester in various job providing online websites.,You require just a few basic skills for qualifying for the post which are as follows, should be familiar with the basic of computer, ability to focus and find out errors and good communication skill.

A flair for video games would glue you to the job and you will be very happy to do it.,Once you are assigned with the job it is your duty to find out the errors,the company expects you to find out the various bugs so that they can correct the errors and release video games that are of high quality.,The kind of job is very entertaining and enjoyable than any other jobs.,Even though the job is fun filled you have to hold responsibility for finding out the errors in the game which is found out only with close examination of the game.

The nature of work of a video game tester is finding out errors of games that are about to release or offered to the public.,Professional testers are chosen by popular gaming companies,who are quite familiar with the technical aspects of the game,and most of the renowned gaming companies want their tester to be experts and technically qualified to identify the errors.

It is the responsibility of the tester to provide reports of errors to the concerned person.,The job is not just gaming around but involves finding bugs in the game.,It is with the help of these testers that the company is able to make their video games perfect.

I believe you will be interested in becoming the video game testers right?

Promoting Your Band – Information & Advice

Sunday, February 13th, 2011

Promoting your band can be tough. But with the right tools, a band can cement their status and acquire themselves a steadily building fan base. The very first thing every band should do is to create a press kit. Press kits are relatively easy to create, but it is important that they look professional. Press kits should include music samples, information about the band and its members, professional photos and contact information. Create a memorable logo for your band, one that you can stick with for years to come. Distribute them to every record label and music promoter you can and make sure your contact information is in the press kit.

It is important to utilize the internet to the best of your ability. Create a website for your band. Prominently display your band logo, and details about the band. Include a page solely with your tour dates and locations. Have a bio page of band members and information about the band. Have a music stream of select songs from your album. As with the press kit, the band website must be kept professional. Keep it clutter free, and update it as frequently as possible. Your band website is your first form of contact with fans.

YouTube is turning into a prime spot to get your band noticed. The band Ok Go made clever music videos for their songs that turned into viral sensations. Be creative and be different. Create a video that people will want to see and send to their friends, post to their Facebook pages and spread throughout the internet. Standing in front of a camera and playing a song will does not a viral sensation make. It will require effort, planning and a little inspiration.

Promoting your band may require a bit of financial sacrifice on your part, but if done correctly, it will pay off in the end. In addition to including a live stream on your website, include one or two free song downloads. These act as a teaser. Music fans love a free download, and if they love yours, will be more likely to buy your album. Include a link with the free downloads directing fans to the places they can purchase your music, like iTunes and

Tools like your website, YouTube and free downloads allow you to connect with your fans. This is one of the most important things a band can do to promote itself. If a fan feels connected with you, that fan is more likely to speak highly of you. When fans email you, respond. Create a Facebook and Twitter pages for your band, and encourage dialogue. Fans are your single most powerful tools with which to promote yourselves. Word of mouth can spread even faster than viral videos.

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Do You Need To Find Out How To Write Song?

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Do you aspire to be a singer, musician or a song writer? Do you want to learn how to write song? We’ll discuss in this articles a few tips that will give you an edge. 

Writing a song is easy, writing a beautiful one is difficult. Songs are basically poems that can be sung and set to tune. If you are good at poetry you can write good songs. Having talent isn’t enough in this industry. Talent alone doesn’t mean squat. It won’t make you a professional songwriter. You have to learn the techniques, study the masters and their work, only then will you learn how to write soulful songs. 

First, you need to listen to some songs. Listen to the songs that are evergeen, the ones that have stood the test of time. Study their lyrics. Observe what is it that made it so popular. Thereafter study those that have been failures and compare them with the successful ones, make a list of their differences. 

To be a good songwriter you have to be a voracious listener. When you’re listening to music, be active and take mental notes about the things that you like. 

Although a degree in music theory is not a prerequisite, having an understanding of the technical aspects is a must. You need to learn what is rythm, harmony and counterpoint, etc. Study the chords, understand how they can be used to proper effect. 

Once you have some understanding of music, you will need inspiration to get you started. You won’t get inspired the time you want to. It comes all of a sudden and that’s why great songs are far and few in between. Being a songwriter, it’ll help if you observe the surroundings, keep your mind and senses open to new experiences and let your feelings lose. If an idea clicks, it could be a big chartbuster! 

Select a theme for your song and set it to an appropriate mood. Your understanding of music will help you select the proper tune. Ideas start flowing once you get started on any song. Have a pen and paper handy as you can make notes from the ideas that come to you and then later string them together to complete a beautiful song. Once you have created a draft polish and refine your song. 

 Hope this article explains how to write song.

Mozart – A Short Look At A Great Life

Friday, February 4th, 2011

The great musician and composer Mozart was born in the city of Salzburg. While he was growing up there he was taught how to play and appreciate music by his musically talented father. He was taught so well, and caught on so quickly, that he as able to play the piano by the time that he was 4 years old. He then went on to compose his first piece of music when he was 5 years old. This made him famous straight away. But, as he grew older, he began to struggle and it was not the smooth road of success that was initially expected.

The symphonies that he created were numbered starting with the number one and moving up to number 41. It is often thought that the last three that he created were the best and they are often the most well known. One of these is symphony number 40 in G minor. The first few bars from this symphony are often used on television and different movies. That is why many people recognize it, even though they do not know much about Mozart.

The “Little Masonic Cantata” is one of the most famous cantatas that he composed. However, it is not, in any way, shape or form, the only one that he created. He was famous for a large number of these works as well. Some of them, much like the one that was just mentioned, have even made it to be national anthems of countries. This is a huge accomplishment for anyone.

Piano concertos were also very common for him. One of these is the piano concerto numbered 27. It has been slowed down and used in the movie Elvira Madigan. This is just one of his amazing pieces that made it onto the movie screen for everyone to enjoy and love.

The movie called Out of Africa also had Mozart’s composed pieced within it. This movie used the Clarinet Concerto in A Major. There are a lot of people that became familiar with this artist because of this movie and his music that was featured in it. He also worked very hard to compose music for the bassoon, the oboe, and the horn. It is easy to see that he was very talented and he enjoyed music no matter what he was using to make it. This definitely paid off for him because that is why he is one of the most famous composers that has ever lived. Even though he needed to struggle as he got older, he definitely left his mark on the world of music. He is an inspiration to all.

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