Take Sildenafil Generic to Treat Male Erectile Dysfunction

Sildenafil generic is widely known all over the world because of its effectiveness against male erectile dysfunction (ED).  Sildenafil generic is also effective in treating male patients suffering from pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH).  Women should never use sildenafil generic because it is not known whether or not they will benefit from it when it comes to their problems with sexual dysfunction.

Sildenafil generic is mainly known to battle the devastating effects of erectile dysfunction, otherwise known as the inability to obtain and maintain a penile erection long enough for successful intercourse.  Nowadays, sildenafil generic is used as a standard regimen for erectile dysfunction medication, especially for those who also suffer from diabetes.

Patients who are stressed out or depressed and they are taking antidepressants can experience some forms of sexual dysfunction.  The sexual dysfunction can either originate from their illness or it may be the outcome of their treatment. A clinical study conducted in the year 2003 had shown that sildenafil generic dramatically improved sexual function in males who suffer from this circumstance.

One of the lesser known good effects that sildenafil generic can do is that it is useful for treating and preventing cases of pulmonary edema caused by being in high altitudes.  Mountain climbers actually use sildenafil generic as a way to treat this type of edema they might suffer whenever they are hit by a bout of altitude sickness.

Sildenafil generic is available in the market in the form of oral tablets, with dosages ranging from 100 mg, 50 mg and 25 mg.  The usual recommended dose for a lot of male patients is 50 mg, to be taken only as needed and in just 1 hour prior to engaging in sexual activity.  Sildenafil generic may also be taken right between 30 minutes and 4 hours before engaging in sexual activity.  The dose may be increased to its maximum available dose of 100 mg per day or lowered to just 25 mg per day depending on your tolerance and its effect on your body.  No matter how much you want to take this drug, you only take this once per day.

Just like most medicines or drugs, sildenafil generic can have its side effects and it differs from one patient to another.  The most common sildenafil generic side effects include flushing of the skin, heartburn and headaches.  If you are someone who has a past medical history of cardiovascular diseases, then you are advised to cautiously use sildenafil generic.  The rare yet serious side effects known when one takes sildenafil generic include priapism, which is a really painful medical condition described by the penis being unable to get back to its flaccid state and it lasts for 4 hours or longer.  Another rare but adverse side effect of taking sildenafil generic include sudden-onset loss of hearing.  Also, sildenafil generic must never be taken by people who are also taking medicines with nitrates in it (for example nitroglycerin) because sildenafil generic plus nitrate medicines will join forces and cause one to have a severely low blood pressure, which can be fatal.