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TinTin Comes To America

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

TinTin is a comic character that is loved the world over, but is not known widely yet in the US. That is about change soon!  But, first, here’s a brief introduction to TinTin.

TinTin was created by Belgian artist, Herge in the early 20th century.  The adventures of TinTin and his interesting cast of fellow characters have been presented in comic strips, in comic books, collections, and animated series!

The TinTin comic series first appeared in French in 1929. The series was so successful that it was then collected into a series of twenty-four albums, spun into a successful magazine and adapted for film and theatre. This series is one of the most popular European comics of the 20th century. It has been translated into more than 50 languages and more than 200 million copies sold.

The hero of the series is TinTin, a young Belgian reporter, who is aided in his adventures by his faithful dog, Snowy, a fox terrier. The comic series is known for many things:

   1. Its clean, expressive drawings
   2. Plots that are very engaging, and very well-researched
   3. The adventures that have elements of fantasy, mysteries, thrillers, and science fiction
   4. Lovable slapstick humor
   5. Political satire and cultural and political commentary

In each of these wonderful comic books, the young reporter, TinTin, usually travels to far-off lands on audacious adventures, with crazy but lovable characters.   TinTin is accompanied by a crazy, yet lovable crew of characters in his adventures: Snowy, his faithful terrier, Captain Haddock, the ever-swearing, grumpy sea captain, Professor Calculus, the eccentric genius, Thompson and Thomson, the bumbling policemen twins, and a bevy of other memorable villains and odd ball characters. TinTin’s many adventures takes him to far off lands like Tibet and even the Moon.

It is this potent mix of drawings, plot, adventures, characters, humor and satire that have made TinTin a world-wide comic phenomenon. Tintin comics are not that well known in the United States even though they are immensely popular in other parts of the world. But this is all about to change in a BIG way soon.


Acting on a 25-year old passion to do a film based on TinTin, Steven Spielberg is set to deliver to America its first exposure to TinTin. It is called “The Adventures of TinTin: The Secret of the Unicorn”, slated to be released in 2011.

After decades-long journey of spreading fun and adventure around the world, TinTin (mistakenly written as Tin Tin sometimes) is finally set to storm America. With Spielberg’s movie, TinTin is set to win the hearts of children of all ages in the US, as he has done with children the world over.  

John La Farge, American Stained Glass Artist

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

The following article covers a topic that has recently moved to center stage–at least it seems that way. If you’ve been thinking you need to know more about it, here’s your opportunity.

American Stained Glass artist, John La Farge was born in New York City on March 31, 1835 to french immigrant parents. Upon completion of his formal education in law he ventured to Europe to study art. After his return to the United States he made a brief attempt at practicing law, but soon gave it up to follow his passion for artistic expression. Initially, he painted landscapes later moving on to figures and stills and eventually caught a break doing drawings for a magazine. His first prominent assignment, however, was in 1876 when he was commissioned to handle the décor for the entire interior of the Trinity Church in Boston.

That accomplishment represents a milestone in American art as it was the first real mural painted here. Many art historians consider his painting on the end wall above the altar in the Church of the Ascension in New York his greatest masterpiece.

He became intrigued with glass making after becoming aware of certain inadequacies in the industry which limited the ability of an artist to create brilliant designs with varying transparencies without losing the polished finish. He then developed techniques in overlays (plating) and opalescent glass which has come to be known as American Stained Glass. Initially he used these new methods on privately owned homes despite the fact he had previously designed the old style Stained Glass window for the Trinity Church. The “Battle Window” in Memorial Hall at Harvard University, commissioned to commemorate Harvard’s Civil War dead, is considered to be one of his most significant works in stained glass. Other notable stained glass achievements include Watson Memorial in Trinity Church, Buffalo and the Church of the Ascension, New York.

Most of this information comes straight from the pros. Careful reading to the end virtually guarantees that you’ll know what they know.

While his leading competitor in the business, namely Louis C. Tiffany, chose to employ a staff and develop a factory, John continued to do his projects one at a time and mainly by himself. He began to perfect a technique of making jewel-like flower panels which were installed in the mansions of many of the wealthiest members of turn-of-the-century American aristocrats such as Cornelius Vanderbilt. La Farge is believed to have created several thousand stained glass windows over the course of his career some of grand and immense artistic and historical importance and others just a minute decorative touch in a private home. His last work of the jewel-like flower type is said to have been “The Peacock” which was purchased by the Worcester Museum.

La Farge won many awards including one from the Legion of Honor, which was given him for the stained glass window exhibited at the French Exposition in 1889. He was awarded a gold medal at the Pan- American Exposition at Buffalo in 1901 and three years later in St. Louis he was awarded a diploma and medal of honor for distinguished service in art. He was the initiatory recipient of the Medal of Honor from the Architectural League of New York’s. He was elected an Associate of the National Academy of Design in 1863 and became a full fledged Academician in 1869.

He presided as president of the Society of American Artists among other notable achievements before his death in 1910. La Farge will long be remembered for his contributions to American art and most especially his innovations and artistic expression in stained glass.

Those who only know one or two facts about can be confused by misleading information. The best way to help those who are misled is to gently correct them with the truths you’re learning here.

Best LED TV Deals Here

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

If you are shopping for a new LED live TV and want to find out where you can get the quality and price that you are looking for, you may be able to find on the dot what you want when you shop online. If you have tried shopping at some of your local stores but have not been able to find the prices that you want, or the excerpt that you want to see and compare, you can go online to find the best LED TV that is expiration to work in the room where you want to watch it.

Shopping for LED TV deals is easy if you go online.  Buying a TV is a major expense for a lot of plurality and if you are worried about making the best choice on your next TV, you can use the web site to read about the different TV’s and where you can find the best deals.

Shopping online for the best LED TV is fast and you can fountainhead compare the different models and brands to see what is going to give you the quality and price that you are looking for. You can search for different brands of some of the most popular merchandising TV’s, read about the differences between the different styles and brands and compare the similar TV’s to find the best LED TV that is what you are looking for. 

When you are ready to choose the right TV for your home, you can go online and find the best LED TV that is going to rich person you a imposing price and a great TV. You can also search for different deals that are usable to help you save money on the purchase of a new TV and find out what the warranty policies are before you order to make sure that you are going to be able to counter the TV or protect it if you need to when you buy it online and have it sent to your home.

Did you know that you can watch free PC orbiter TV without buying any surplus components ? No need for a TV tuner card. No extra hardware requirements just download free PC satellite online TV.

There are all kinds of websites on the internet that offer you streaming video day and dark. Sites like YouTube or Google Video offer you plenty of entertainment value for free and movie distributors also like to distribute their trailers. But when youdownload free PC satellite internet TV software you suddenly have a all lot more options.

Types and Sources of Business Finance

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

Understanding what sources of business capital are useable to you will help tremendously in your Business Finance strategy and quest. In this article, I will discuss the external and internal sources of the more traditional, but assessable, business finance and capital. In later articles, I will further discuss private investment, venture capital and alternative forms of business finance. Really sound  Comprehensive Business Plan showing how you will repay the business capital is crucial.

The Types and Sources of Business Capital

  • Founders’, Principals’, Management Cash
  • Business Associates
  • Family
  • Individual Investors
  • Venture Capital
  • Investment Banks
  • Banks & Credit Unions
  • Business Finance Companies
  • Lease Finance Companies
  • Suppliers/ Customers/ Industry Lenders
  • Joint Ventures & Strategic Partnerships
  • Commercial Loan Brokers
  • Professional Legal & Accounting Intermediaries
  • Government Grants, Loans & Guarantees

Internal Sources of Business Capital

  • Cash Flows
  • Accelerating Receivables Collections
  • Changing Collection Terms
  • Disposing of Surplus Inventory
  • Retained Earnings
  • Cost Cutting & Cost economy Strategies
  • Change Accounts Payable Terms
  • Asset Management:  Disposing of old or poor performing Assets
  • Cost Control Mechanisms
  • Budgeting Process
  • Productivity Measures
  • Personal Investments of Company Principals

External Sources of Business Capital

Customer and Supplier Trade Credit

  • Extension to account Pay Dates
  • Cash Discounts for Early Payment
  • Make Payment on last day due if no Cash Discount is allowed
  • Extend Payment Terms:  i.e.  30 days after the end of the month verses 30 days from receipt, buying you an average of 15 days.
  • Need a Capital increase in 60-90 days to meet demand.
  • Reduce Delinquency Late Fees
  • Issuing a Note (promise to pay) for a freight, with a prescribed later date payment plan.  Readily available and fast.  Less red-tape.  Use for limited time frames.  Don’t hurt Supplier & Customer relationships.

Overview of Debt Capital

  • Term:  30-60-90-120 Day Term
    • 1-5-10-15 Year Term
  • Bank Line of Credit:  Secured & Unsecured
  • Real Estate Loans
  • Equipment/ Machinery Purchase
  • Inventory Finance
  • Accounts Receivables Factoring/ Assignments

Commercial Loans and Bank Finance

  • Local Banks/ Community Banks
  • Credit Unions:  frequently much more personal than Banks
  • Develop strong relationships with Bankers.  If your Banker can’t help your Company with a Finance need, he or she knows who can.
  • Deal with at Least the Vice President level at the Bank or Credit Union.
  • Use local / Community Banks for Regional needs and Large Banks for National & International needs.
  • Understand the Bank’s lending process so you can facilitate your loan’s progress.
  • Network with Bank Presidents at Chamber of Commerce and Industry Events
  • Consider Syndication for large deal.  Hire Syndication Group.
  • Banking is a lot about Trust & Track Record.
  • Network with Attorneys & Accountants to find the right Banker for your Company’s needs.
  • Use Trade Associations for strong Banking referrals.
  • Find Banks that use SBA Guarantees to reduce risk and leverage Loan to Value & Loan to Cost.
  • Don’t go with the cheapest terms; go with the right Banking relationship and financial products for your Business.  The Long-Term payoff is much better.
  • Look for Long-Term relationships.  Make your Banker an inherent part of your business.  Invite and include your Banker at Company Events and Announcements.  Send your Banker Business updates on a consistent basis.  Include your Banker when giving Suppliers and Customers Company tours.
  • Work with Banks that can tailor-make terms for your Commercial Loan Requirements.

About The Guest Article Author

Frank Goley has a diverse and deep experience base as a business consultant, business turnaround consultant, business plan expert, business plan writer, business coach, small business consultant, business planner, marketing consultant, online marketing consultant, seo consultant, and business plan consultant for ABC Business Consulting. Frank is considered an expert in writing, developing and implementing business plans, business turnaround plans, funding business plans, marketing plans, strategic plans and web marketing plans. Frank offers comprehensive business consulting, business coaching, business turnaround consulting, along with web seo, web development and web marketing consulting, to small and medium size companies. Frank is the author of Business Plan Guide, The Comprehensive Business Plan Workbook – A Step by Step Guide to Effective Business Planning, and he has over 125 published articles and e-books on business success strategies. He also writes the Business Success Strategies Blog and publishes the Business Success Newsletter.

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

Everyone likes to see wildlife in their garden and having a bird feeder allows you to attract the wild birds easily. Deciding what wild bird food to use can be extremely hard and there are many different foods you can choose from. You will want to select a variety of different bird food and then there is more chance of you attracting different birds to your garden.

Knowing which wild bird food to choose will allow you to decide which birds you want to attach, certain birds only like berries and nuts and others pick out live foods such as meal or wax worms. You will also need to choose top quality bird food as they will attract more birds. Its best to purchase your seed from a pet shop who sell it loose as the mix, as you may buy food in a box that may have been sitting around for a long time.

There are many different varieties of seeds and nuts that you can buy that will suit the birds in your garden. These include peanuts, sunflower seeds, oats and maize all of which are ideal for wild bird food. You can also provide suet food for the birds, these are loved by all wild birds and are very easy to make or you can buy them prepared. They can be purchased in blocks or as pellets and are very easy to use they offer a variety of different foods for the birds all with great nutritional value.

You can also choose to feed the birds live food although not for the squeamish you can have the worms and live bait delivered to your door still wriggling. All birds love live food and this is the ideal wild bird food for you to feed them. If you do not want to have the live worms in your home then they can be purchased dried and ready to serve. What bird food you decide to feed the birds you will need to assure it is fresh and you have selected it yourself.

If you know precisely what you are feeding the birds then you can determine which birds visit you and your garden. Although all birds are great to see and it can be fun to see how many different varieties you can attract to your garden. Feeding the birds is a great way to get the children involved and they can help to choose, make and distribute the bird food. If you buy the right food then the birds will keep coming back time and time again,

You need to ensure that the wild bird food that you are serving is high in nutritional value and that it will help the birds to survive and flourish. Especially if it is winter time as this is when the birds will struggle the most to find food. You can buy ideal fat cake bars at this time of year which are full of fruits, nuts and fat. The birds will flourish from this type of bird food and you will be helping to keep different bird varieties alive. You are doing a very small thing which will have a big impact on the environment around you.

How To Get Started With A Video Game Tester Career

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

There are plenty of video gaming companies in the world designing a whole lot of video games every year,and the need for video game tester is ever increasing that there is huge job prospect for this career.,Since there are large openings in this job post the job of a video game tester has opened new grounds for a great career opportunity.,Since the number of video game production companies have increased the need for video game testers have shot up high.

By entering the profession of a video game tester,you can later get higher opportunities in game designing and programming jobs.,The work of a video game tester involves testing the game by playing it,go through the various controls and identify errors or abnormalities that are faced while playing.

A great platform to try setting up your career as a video game tester is the internet,and a number of jobs are listed under the category of video game tester in various job providing online websites.,You require just a few basic skills for qualifying for the post which are as follows, should be familiar with the basic of computer, ability to focus and find out errors and good communication skill.

A flair for video games would glue you to the job and you will be very happy to do it.,Once you are assigned with the job it is your duty to find out the errors,the company expects you to find out the various bugs so that they can correct the errors and release video games that are of high quality.,The kind of job is very entertaining and enjoyable than any other jobs.,Even though the job is fun filled you have to hold responsibility for finding out the errors in the game which is found out only with close examination of the game.

The nature of work of a video game tester is finding out errors of games that are about to release or offered to the public.,Professional testers are chosen by popular gaming companies,who are quite familiar with the technical aspects of the game,and most of the renowned gaming companies want their tester to be experts and technically qualified to identify the errors.

It is the responsibility of the tester to provide reports of errors to the concerned person.,The job is not just gaming around but involves finding bugs in the game.,It is with the help of these testers that the company is able to make their video games perfect.

I believe you will be interested in becoming the video game testers right?

Kad poilsis būtų efektyvus

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

Svarbiausias miegamojo kambario atributas yra lova. LovÄ… kiekvienas renkamÄ—s pagal individualius poreikius, norus ar galimybes ir taip kuriame savo miegamojo kambario interjerÄ…, kuris yra tikrai be galo svarbus. Juk Äia mes ilsimÄ—s, todÄ—l ir ši patalpa turi bÅ«ti pritaikyta tam. Pirma taisyklÄ—, kurios reikÄ—tų laikytis kuriant miegamojo interjerÄ… – neapstatyti šio kambario nereikalingais daiktais. Jame užtenka lovos, jei yra poreikis – naktinio staliuko. Jei nusprÄ™sime kuo daugiau baldų pastatyti šiame kambaryje, jis taps panašus į daiktų sandÄ—liukÄ…, o tokia vieta juk nÄ—ra pati tinkamiausia poilsiui.

Kitas svarbus aspektas – teisingai išsirinkti lovÄ…. Ji turi bÅ«ti tvirta, stabili ir ilgaamžė – taigi, svarbu, jog baldai, kuriuos renkatÄ—s bÅ«tų itin kokybiški, pagaminti iš medžio masyvo ir nelakuoti, nes medis sugeria kenksmingus kvapus, jis veikia kaip natÅ«ralus filtras.

TaÄiau bene svarbiausias dalykas yra Äiužiniai. Juk bÅ«tent ant jų ir miegame. Nuo to, iš ko jis pagamintas ir kiek kokybiškas, priklausys ir savijauta atsikÄ—lus iš ryto, ir poilsio efektyvumas. Geriausiai tam tinka ProNatura Äiužiniai, pagaminti tik iš natÅ«ralių medžiagų, nes natÅ«ralios medžiagos geriausiai atpalaiduoja ir subalansuoja energetinÄ™ pusiausvyrÄ… mums bemiegant. Miegojimas ant tinkamo Äiužinio gali ne tik padÄ—ti neatsirasti sveikatos sutrikimams, taÄiau taip pat ir išgydyti jau atsiradusius. Tokie yra ortopediniai Äiužiniai, kuriuos galima reguliuoti pagal asmeninius poreikius ir reikalui esant keisti zonas ir kietumus jau jį eksploatuojant. Daugelis pardavÄ—jų savo Äiužinius vadina ortopediniais, taÄiau tai netiesa, geriausiu atveju jie gali bÅ«ti ergonominiais, gerai prisitaikanÄiais prie kÅ«no formų. Ortopediniai Äiužiniai turi turÄ—ti reguliavimo galimybÄ™ ir keistis pagal kintanÄius poreikius juos eksploatuojant o ne tik perkant.

Prastu miegu pasaulyje skundžiasi daugybÄ— žmonių, galvos ir nugaros skausmai pabudus iš ryto taip pat kamuoja ne vienÄ…. Taigi, norint išvengti ar pašalinti šias problemas, tikro ortopedinio Äiužinio ar ergonominÄ—s miego sistemos įsigijimas yra puikus pasirinkimas. ÄŒiužiniai kiekvienam žmogui paprastai yra parenkami individualiai, atsižvelgiant į poreikius bei sveikatos sutrikimus.

Summer flower arrangements

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

Summer is a fantastic time for flower arrangements. There are a diversity of stunning blooms to be had that can be woven and arranged into breathtaking and eye catching bouquets. Summer flowers in the UK speak of the warmth, colour and beauty of this favorite season and when located in the home they will breathe life into any room. There are some flowers that can only be found in the summer months so it’s ideal to pick these for a truly jubilant summer bouquet.


The sunflower represents the bright colours of summer and is often considered the flower symbol of the warmer months. These large, vibrant and eye catching flowers only bloom to their best effect in the summer time. They make bold and elaborate flower arrangements and are great when used as a table centrepiece.


Aster is always accompanied by a flurry of butterflies in the garden and can be found in a multitude of colours such as pink, white, purple and blue. Aster is used to symbolise variety, delicacy and patience in flower arrangements.

Sweet Pea

Add these sweetly fragranced blooms to flower arrangements to attract people to its delicate scent.


The daisy speaks of innocence, purity and gentleness. It is often referred to as the ‘marker of summer’ and ‘day’s eye’ as it opens to welcome the sun and the closes as the last rays fade away.


Lilies are guaranteed to lift you and make you smile. A perfect choice for a summer bouquet.


These flowers are stunning in flower arrangements and look particularly affective in a tall, slim vase.

Welcome the flowers of summer into your home and fill each room and space with summer blooms to delight your senses. They will not only lighten the room but lift your mood to shining heights.

Entertainment Career Connection – Scam?

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

Entertainment Career Connection makes use of the mentor-apprentice approach while giving students education and practical experience at the same time. They place pupils with working professionals who mentor the pupils through a guided curriculum. News reports have confirmed that their job placement rate was at 76 percent as of 2008, and they recently celebrated 25 years in business. So why have accusations arisen that they are a Entertainment Career Connection scam?

Some companies are, in fact, scams – they take money from unsuspicious customers and fail to provide the services they guarantee. Unfortunately, there are times when businesses that do provide quality services are tagged as scams. Here are some situations:

1.A company can be tagged a scam when it offers an option to the status quo. At present, the common form of education is the traditional school. Entertainment Career Connection employed a strategy that is not new but is somewhat “different”. The mentor-apprentice set up has existed for centuries even before the birth of traditional schools.

2.A company can be labeled a scam when a customer is unhappy with its service – whether or not it is the company’s fault. This usually happens when the client fails to grasp the whole context of the agreement. Entertainment Career Connection offers a program that can unknowingly attract people who are looking for a shortcut to fame and fortune without comprehending fully the conditions within the program. The mentor-apprentice set up will require a lot of self discipline and sense of responsibility since this is a type of modular self-study. But without this clear knowing, the “customer-is-always-right” mentality takes over, and the student feels eligible to cry foul.

This article isn’t designed to prove or disprove whether the Entertainment Career Connection scam is true, nor to discredit any former student who is unhappy with it. Rather, the point is that before we tag something a scam, we should have a balanced look at the facts beyond simple hearsay. Here are a few checks and balances to the debate:

* Complainants towards ECC are just 1% of the entire population of students that are under the course. Which means that 99% of the populace are satisfied with the services that were supplied for more than 25 years.

* Each problem against ECC is matched with a positive and pleasing testimonials from current pupils, prior students, and the mentors that are all part of the course.

* ECC’s 76-percent job placement rate rivals or exceeds that of many competing courses – solid evidence that the program works for those who work with it.

* ECC has a verified history of making every attempt to rectify customer issues individually.
The point is that every company has dissatisfied clients, some of whom cannot be pleased. Nevertheless, this is not enough to call a certain business venture a scam.

Entertainment Career Connection has enough longevity and enough happy students that we should be slow to place the “Entertainment Career Connection scam” label on them.

Microsoft signs MOU with Kuwait

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

The Kuwaiti Ministry and Microsoft officially launched the New Technology Infrastructure Project (NTIP) as part of their ongoing strategic cooperation

Kuwait is at the helm of academic advancements or so it seems!

As part of their ongoing strategic cooperation to facilitate the education industry, the Minister of Education Dr. Moudi Al-Homoud and CEO Microsoft International Jean-Philippe Courtois signed a Memorandum of Understanding to commemorate the official launch of the New Technology Infrastructure Project, the first of its kind in the Gulf and Middle East region.

This project will service more than 350 high and middle schools and will incorporate all E-learning and smart school technologies.

“We would like to announce the completion of one of our first and most important projects, the Technology Infrastructure Project, which is considered a step towards technological based education by allowing Information Technology (IT) to become a reality in the Ministry of Education,” said Dr. Al-Homoud, as reported by Kuwait Times.

CEO Microsoft International also announced the official launch of the pioneer centre for educational cloud computing in the region.

“The centre will facilitate the introduction and adaption of new technologies…we will be working with the Ministry to fill and define those plans and the advantages the education cloud will bring to the region,” Mr. Courtois said.

Mr. Courtois further emphasized the need for IT technologies to be incorporated in the current curriculum to gear the country’s youth with adequate knowledge and skills to compete on a global platform.

“We are in a very rapid, changing world where technology plays an essential part in our lives. A recent study by International Data Corporation (IDC) says that nearly 80 percent of jobs will require digital literacy,” said Mr. Courtois.

“Microsoft’s mission is to provide software that enables people, organizations and schools around the world to realize their full potential. For this reason we are proud to sign this initiative with the Minister to ensure that the children of Kuwait are fully prepared to enter and lead in the 21st century in the work force,” Mr. Courtois added.