How To Get Started With A Video Game Tester Career

March 16th, 2011

There are plenty of video gaming companies in the world designing a whole lot of video games every year,and the need for video game tester is ever increasing that there is huge job prospect for this career.,Since there are large openings in this job post the job of a video game tester has opened new grounds for a great career opportunity.,Since the number of video game production companies have increased the need for video game testers have shot up high.

By entering the profession of a video game tester,you can later get higher opportunities in game designing and programming jobs.,The work of a video game tester involves testing the game by playing it,go through the various controls and identify errors or abnormalities that are faced while playing.

A great platform to try setting up your career as a video game tester is the internet,and a number of jobs are listed under the category of video game tester in various job providing online websites.,You require just a few basic skills for qualifying for the post which are as follows, should be familiar with the basic of computer, ability to focus and find out errors and good communication skill.

A flair for video games would glue you to the job and you will be very happy to do it.,Once you are assigned with the job it is your duty to find out the errors,the company expects you to find out the various bugs so that they can correct the errors and release video games that are of high quality.,The kind of job is very entertaining and enjoyable than any other jobs.,Even though the job is fun filled you have to hold responsibility for finding out the errors in the game which is found out only with close examination of the game.

The nature of work of a video game tester is finding out errors of games that are about to release or offered to the public.,Professional testers are chosen by popular gaming companies,who are quite familiar with the technical aspects of the game,and most of the renowned gaming companies want their tester to be experts and technically qualified to identify the errors.

It is the responsibility of the tester to provide reports of errors to the concerned person.,The job is not just gaming around but involves finding bugs in the game.,It is with the help of these testers that the company is able to make their video games perfect.

I believe you will be interested in becoming the video game testers right?

Summer flower arrangements

March 16th, 2011

Summer is a fantastic time for flower arrangements. There are a diversity of stunning blooms to be had that can be woven and arranged into breathtaking and eye catching bouquets. Summer flowers in the UK speak of the warmth, colour and beauty of this favorite season and when located in the home they will breathe life into any room. There are some flowers that can only be found in the summer months so it’s ideal to pick these for a truly jubilant summer bouquet.


The sunflower represents the bright colours of summer and is often considered the flower symbol of the warmer months. These large, vibrant and eye catching flowers only bloom to their best effect in the summer time. They make bold and elaborate flower arrangements and are great when used as a table centrepiece.


Aster is always accompanied by a flurry of butterflies in the garden and can be found in a multitude of colours such as pink, white, purple and blue. Aster is used to symbolise variety, delicacy and patience in flower arrangements.

Sweet Pea

Add these sweetly fragranced blooms to flower arrangements to attract people to its delicate scent.


The daisy speaks of innocence, purity and gentleness. It is often referred to as the ‘marker of summer’ and ‘day’s eye’ as it opens to welcome the sun and the closes as the last rays fade away.


Lilies are guaranteed to lift you and make you smile. A perfect choice for a summer bouquet.


These flowers are stunning in flower arrangements and look particularly affective in a tall, slim vase.

Welcome the flowers of summer into your home and fill each room and space with summer blooms to delight your senses. They will not only lighten the room but lift your mood to shining heights.

Entertainment Career Connection – Scam?

March 16th, 2011

Entertainment Career Connection makes use of the mentor-apprentice approach while giving students education and practical experience at the same time. They place pupils with working professionals who mentor the pupils through a guided curriculum. News reports have confirmed that their job placement rate was at 76 percent as of 2008, and they recently celebrated 25 years in business. So why have accusations arisen that they are a Entertainment Career Connection scam?

Some companies are, in fact, scams – they take money from unsuspicious customers and fail to provide the services they guarantee. Unfortunately, there are times when businesses that do provide quality services are tagged as scams. Here are some situations:

1.A company can be tagged a scam when it offers an option to the status quo. At present, the common form of education is the traditional school. Entertainment Career Connection employed a strategy that is not new but is somewhat “different”. The mentor-apprentice set up has existed for centuries even before the birth of traditional schools.

2.A company can be labeled a scam when a customer is unhappy with its service – whether or not it is the company’s fault. This usually happens when the client fails to grasp the whole context of the agreement. Entertainment Career Connection offers a program that can unknowingly attract people who are looking for a shortcut to fame and fortune without comprehending fully the conditions within the program. The mentor-apprentice set up will require a lot of self discipline and sense of responsibility since this is a type of modular self-study. But without this clear knowing, the “customer-is-always-right” mentality takes over, and the student feels eligible to cry foul.

This article isn’t designed to prove or disprove whether the Entertainment Career Connection scam is true, nor to discredit any former student who is unhappy with it. Rather, the point is that before we tag something a scam, we should have a balanced look at the facts beyond simple hearsay. Here are a few checks and balances to the debate:

* Complainants towards ECC are just 1% of the entire population of students that are under the course. Which means that 99% of the populace are satisfied with the services that were supplied for more than 25 years.

* Each problem against ECC is matched with a positive and pleasing testimonials from current pupils, prior students, and the mentors that are all part of the course.

* ECC’s 76-percent job placement rate rivals or exceeds that of many competing courses – solid evidence that the program works for those who work with it.

* ECC has a verified history of making every attempt to rectify customer issues individually.
The point is that every company has dissatisfied clients, some of whom cannot be pleased. Nevertheless, this is not enough to call a certain business venture a scam.

Entertainment Career Connection has enough longevity and enough happy students that we should be slow to place the “Entertainment Career Connection scam” label on them.

Blogging, internet search engines and privacy

March 16th, 2011

Recently I was made aware of a few indiscretions made on social networking internet sites by people who had unwittingly written posts for online friends that breached privacy and confidentiality agreements in their places of work. It is particularly relevant…
can believe what i am reading, so unfair

Kakadu National Park – Ubirr

March 16th, 2011

Ubirr is the site of some magnificent Aboriginal rock art. Rock shelters were used by the Aboriginal people as camps while hunting and gathering food. There was an enormous variety of food available from the surrounding East Alligator River, Nadab…
wonder what this really means

Roger Federer vs Andy Murray

March 16th, 2011

It is going to be a nail biting evening for me – the finals of the Australian Open tennis Championships are to be held tonight. The amazing Roger Federer is going into battle against Andy Murray from Scotland. I don’t…
this is bogus, who would think

Congratulations Roger Federer

March 16th, 2011

Excerpt from today’s Newcastle Herald! Reading the scores in the newspaper doesn’t do this game justice. I felt it was a nail biter and sat on the edge of my seat for the entire match. Andy Murray has a bright…
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Pics of our trip to Tasmania pending…

March 16th, 2011

Geoff and I have been in Tasmania for 10 days. Of course it was not enough time but we saw enough to make us want to go back and explore more. I will post a few photos now but Geoff…
Rome wasnt built in a day!

Watch this space

March 16th, 2011

In the not too distant future, a wish I have had for almost 40 years will finally come true. I am finally returning to Madrid for a quick visit before heading south to Cordoba, Sevilla, Granada returning via Toledo. I’m…
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